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> Not a man for flat, glossy photos – Nürnberger Nachrichten

The Nuremberg photographer Bernd Telle is „Artist of the Month“
– Many-sided Topics

The Forum „Culture in the Metro Area Nuremberg“ has picked photographer Bernd Telle as Artist of the Month for March.

„Artistic photography does not exist to make pretty pictures or to record reality, rather, it has always had something to do with the photographer behind the camera,“ said 57-year-old Bernd Telle.

It is not the camera that is decisive, said Telle, a native of Nuremberg, nor is it the technical possibilities that are available but instead the idea behind the picture.

„I'm concerned with constantly addressing viewing habits and not only my own but also those of the observer. Today we are surrounded by such a flood of images that it is necessary to produce work that creates conflict. The glossy images with flat content need an opposing element that irritates and motivates the observer to really take a close look.

Distant travels
Telles' topics are diverse. Two exhibitions in Nuremberg last Fall prove that. Pictures of people are just as important to Telle as architecture--particularly public buildings.  It is travel photography that has particularly impressed this photographer. Since the beginning of the ninties, Telle has regularly traveled through cities and countries because he is convinced that art offers the opportunity to build bridges. „Art has an international language and is a connector,“ Telle said. Places where Telle has photographed include Glasgow, Shenzhen, San Carlos, Cuba, Shanghai, and Africa.

In architecture—and not just there—Telle likes to turn things head over heels. In his picture series „Antipoden“ the viewer might first question what exactly is not right in the photographs. The individual pieces seem to fit but the overall impresson is strange...until the realization that the floor and the ceiling have traded places.

„Take an exact look“ is theme in series such as „Lookalikes“. Here Telle used a makeup artist to help him slip into completely different roles and took pictures of himself as Chinese, Osmanne, and as a Papparazzo. Only his eyes stayed the same. In „Parallelverschiebungen“ („Parallel Shifts“) the artist photographed the interior rooms of an „outdoor museum“ and placed the pictures against pictures of modern,  model apartments. The parallels are amazing. „Spiegelungen“ („Reflections“)presented on black glass, and three-dimensional pictures are further works that blow apart the normal ways of looking at things. One can not oversee Telles' sense of irony.

Commitment to the Scene
Bernd Telle is freelancer since 1983, supporting himself mainly through commercial photography. „That's my bread and butter,“ he said. The market in Nuernberg has changed enormously in recent years because through bankrupcies of many area companies. Telle has had to change studios several times and is currently is planning a location change.

Besides his usual work, Telle supports the local photography scene and organizes exhibitions. He is a founding member and is chairman of the board of directors of the „Photo Scene Nuremberg“ („Fotoszene Nürnberg“,  fotoszene-nuernberg.de), a registered forum of freelance photographers. Since a few months the Fotoszene Nürnberg has its own project room in the Gallery and Studio House Defet in Nuernberg and is preparing their big summer exhibition titled, „Mono: Ich“ (Mono: I).

Culture Editor of the Nürnberger Nachrichten
Printed on March 16, 2015

Translation from German into English by Jim Albright